Major Conflict

According to chapter 15 of our book the most important facts are written in the first couple paragraphs of a news release. This is to grab the readers attention and give them information about the story they are going to read. With my first couple sentences you probably won’t want to continue reading, but with that picture header you may! Conflict is a great type of story to write a news release. This past week America has witnessed some conflict with Trump sending bombs to Syria. Many Americans think that it was unnecessary and may cause a war. While others think that it is about time someone did something about it. Back when Obama was in office and decided against sending bombs to Syria, Trump had tweeted that if Obama bombed Syria he would be stupid. But there goes Trump going back on his words…


One of the best forms of marketing in todays world is social media. Marketing on social media attracts many generations with all of the different forms of social media. The difference between public relations and marketing is that public relations tells a story and is more credible. While marketing is showing something off in order to sell it. A company that uses social media great for marketing is Nike. Nike will be all over different social media sites using athletes as marketing. When Lebron has a good game you will see Nike put out a quote of Lebron with an inspiring picture. You will also see Nike advertise all of the latest shoes and gear with athletes. I am 24 years old and Nike’s marketing still makes me want to buy their products! Nike also uses their marketing techniques to make a bigger statement. Watch as Nike uses athletes to make a statement on equality


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