Build The Wall

As mentioned in many of my blogs before, social media is taking over public relations by storm. A big part of social media this year was taken up by the president election. It is also currently continuing with the United States new president using social media very often. With people from many different view points on social media, arguments and different political viewers there are many articles and comments all over by our new president; Donald Trump. One of his big points during his campaign was building a wallin between the boarder of Mexico and the United States to try and keep immigrants. Doing this will require millions of dollars and it will take the funds out of other projects. With all of this going on, Trump is continuously posting on social media. As many people know Trump is not one who is very careful with his words and needs a PR specialist to read over everything he posts to the public. He actually had to take a break from social media because of the inappropriate comments he was making. As a leader of this nation, should there really be a public relations person needing to overlook every single thing that comes out of the presidents mouth?


Donald Trump also likes to use social media to express his views. Views that have led communities to stand together in order to support the different groups he is not fond about. Some of these groups are the different races other than white, and other sexuality other than straight. Davenport actually does a great job of offering a support group to help people of diversity. With it being an on campus group their PR team mainly posts information on the group on social media and around campus. Community relations is necessary in todays society with so many people being against diversity. There are many support groups out there such as Davenport’s very own to help.


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