Week 4

Journalists and the press are supposed to be telling true story in the news. However, those stories may not always be fully true. Sometimes they will take phrases and sentences and rearrange the words to help them and their company present out the position they want to present. While reporters try to get facts from all sides because they want the “story” in order to get viewers. People may think that social media is the main place to get current events, but it is still television. Recently, during march madness a number two seed, Kentucky, lost to North Carolina in the elite eight. Kentucky basketball is known for their one and done players. Meaning, superstars from high school attend Kentucky for a year and then leave to be drafted in the NBA. A lot of reporters claim that one and done players do not care about college ball that much because they are just trying to get the highest paying contract they can. So reports may say they are selfish. Well, to prove them wrong there was a video released of two potential one and done freshman crying after their loss to North Carolina. After watching the video there is no way that reporters can adjust this story.


The Internet is slowly becoming the most dominate source of public relations. When athletes or celebrities announce a commitment or new album releases it is always done on the Internet. The announcements are either on social media, blogs, or articles written by reporters. It is also becoming very common to communicate through emails and text messages. It is great because you can communicate quickly instead of waiting for face to face interactions, but can also be negative because it is hard to tell the tone that messages are meant to be taken. Thats why it is extremely important for PR’s to know how to communicate affectively on the Internet. Most professional athletes have their own PR person to help them with this. An example of how social media is a positive with information is Kobe Bryant’s retirement announcement last year. He wrote a letter to basketball and posted it on Facebook and Twitter and went viral within seconds. Not only did it spread the news, but also showed how much basketball meant to him and was a great example for every young athlete.


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