Week 3

It is March, which means basketball. One of the most common topics in every basketball conversation as of lately is Lonzo Ball and his dad Lavar Ball. Lonzo Ball is the freshman on UCLA’s men’s basketball team and is likely to be one of the top draft picks in the upcoming NBA draft. His father is extremely smart with how he has been acting as his kids “PR manager.” Lavar Ball has been all over social media and talk shows talking about how good his three sons are. He stated that Lonzo, the oldest son, could replace Steph Curry on the Warriors and do a better job than Steph Curry, a two time MVP. The father has been saying outrageous comments about how great his sons are and how they are so much better than current stars and even past stars like Michael Jordan. The things Lavar has been saying are not ethical at all, but EVERYONE has been talking about him and his sons. The family has their own clothing line and there is no doubt Lavar Ball is trying to get a clothing line deal. Many people have been negative towards him, but is any publicity good publicity? In this situation I think he is being a genius. He is getting his kids names and their brand out there!


Social media is huge in the younger generation. They will post anything and everything that is on their mind and not even realize how it may affect them. Yes, it is freedom of speech, however it is important to be professional. Jobs do look at your social media accounts. They will see you cursing on Twitter, and your drunk pictures on Instagram. Even though you may be in college it is important to be aware of who is following you and what you post on social media. Posting unprofessional content can be a reason why you do not get a job. You can be giving yourself negative public relations without even knowing it.


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