Week 2 Blog

Public opinion is the views of the general public. You can find out people’s opinions by simply asking them. Even though the most common way in this era is to log on to Twitter or Facebook and see what articles friends are retweeting and posting to find out what their opinion is. You will find people who are head strong on their opinions and others that can be easily persuaded. With how popular social media is these days its easy to change others opinions. For instance, yesterday Drake released his newest album, More Life. There was a specific follower on my Twitter timeline that posted, “Its about time Drake released a new album, not his best though.” Then through out the day I see people retweeting about how it’s Drakes best album yet. Then later I see that same person who was dissing on Drake’s album make a comment about how it is the best album. Either he didn’t listen to the album or he saw everyone else loved the album so he changed his opinion.


It is important to release public relations at the right time. If you release an article or post about something that is over shadowed at the time, it is very likely that no matter how good that article it will get over shadowed. The public only sees what is put out there on the other hand. So if there is a shooting that occurred no one may know about it due to public relations not informing anyone about it. This has happened multiple times over the last few years. There have been multiple murders of African Americans by police officers that have gotten over shadowed by other media due to a variety of different reasons, but mainly the fact that the murders were wrong. However on social media certain public relations agencies did a good job of getting the news out there and then social media did the rest. Trayvon Martin is a perfect example of this. But just like all public relations do, they get popular in the right timing and eventually fade away.



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