Week 1

Public relations is communication that builds relationships through organizations and the public. It is very important in society today. By turning on different news channels you can get different views of the same topic, but it all depends on how that channel is delivering the persuasive message. For example, the western conference of the NBA had a match up the other night between the top two teams; the Warriors and Spurs. The Warriors coach, Steve Kerr decided that he was going to sit his best players out to rest up for the finals. Some SportsCenter analysis’ did not agree with this because of the race between the two teams for the top seed in the finals. While others thought it was a good idea to rest the players for the games that will matter more. Each of these analysis were delivering their own arguments to influence the audience.

Back in the day public relations were in different forms than they are now. Most forms were in papers or on the radio. Now you find the most efficient ways to get the news out is through social media or TV. With how popular social media has become with a variety of generations, you can share an article with one view and get tons of comments or likes on it. Over the past few weeks social media has been filled with public relations about the latest movie, “Get Out.” With this movie being released right after the presidency of Donald Trump, who ran a campaign through discrimination, the movie has gotten a great amount of feedback. With the sensitive topic of racism being related out to everyone through articles commenting  on the film, these writers are influencing viewers of what the meaning of different scenes are and tying it into society.

Public relations can be negative or positive. I am questioning which one my blog with be?








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